Smokey Eyes For Blue Eyes

Check out this latest, coolest,fashion and most popular smokey eyes for blue eyes – The purple smokey eyes. The unique part of this makeup is the extra big smudging effect on the eye socket area with purple or lavender or violet color. Since this purple range shades give people a feeling of classy, noble, secret, and elegant.

Smokey Eye For Blue Eyes

Purple Smokey Eyes For Blue Eyes

A few tips when apply this smokey eyes makeup:

1. Secret tip: When applying this makeup, the foundation has to be clean, apply dark purple hair color eye liner on outer eyelid, then apply similar purple shade eyeshadow from eyelid towards outside using finger as the tool to smudge the color evenly to cover the entire eye socket.
2. For day time or office use: Simply apply light purple eyeshadow below the eyelid.
3. For night time use: You can try to combine different purple range shades eyeshadow to have this smokey effect, by apply the darker purple shades most nearer to the eye, then lighter shades toward eye socket. You can also add on some glittering powder to get mysterious feel.